ISSN No. (online) 2277-6214

Volume – XIV (2023)
Issue – I

  1. F. Mngumi, N. Sun, F. Shair, L. Huang, S. Shaorong 2023. Livestock sector correlation with other economic activities:The impact of productivity using green finance to increase National Gross Domestic Product. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 1-13 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.1-13
  2. Q.U. Nazir, M.I. Yatoo, S. Bashir, G.N. Sheikh and A.A. Dar 2023. Seasonal Rhythmicity of Contagious Ecthyma in Small Ruminants. Journal of Livestock Science 13: 14-18 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.14-18
  3. L. Purnamasari, J.F. dela Cruz, I.S. Nam, S.G. Hwang 2023. Processing and the bioactive compound of edible insects for animal and human food- a Review. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 19-30 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.19-30
  4. S.K. Mondal, P. Saikia and K.S. Das 2023. Incidence of Splayleg in purebred and crossbred Landrace piglets. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 31-34 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.31-34
  5. S.U. Farooq, K. Kishor, A. Sharma 2023. Metabolomics: a radical approach to molecular study. Journal of Livestock Science 14:35-40 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.35-40
  6. S.F. Nipane, S.B. Kawitkar, A.P. Dhok, S.V. Chopade, M.R. Jawale, S.R. Lende and G. Roupesh 2023. NIRS: analytical tools in discernment in animal nutrition research and allied Field. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 41-46 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.41-46
  7. N. Muhindro Singh 2023. Study on status of small scale pig rearing in upland tribal areas of North East India, Journal of Livestock Science 14: 47-52 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.47-52
  8. D. Niranjan, N.B. Sridhar, U.S. Chandra, S.S.Manjunatha A. Borthakur, M.H.Vinuta, B.R. Mohan 2023. Recent perspectives of growth promoters in livestock: an overview. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 53-64 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.53-64
  9. J.S. Toor and N. Kaur 2023. Comparative economic analysis of local and crossbred cow rearing in rural areas. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 65-70 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.65-70
  10. M. Datt, V. Bhateshwar and D.C. Rai 2023. Importance of body weight, age and body condition in weaning of goat kids: a review. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 71-77 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.71-77
  11. T.M. Desy, S. Adiga, U. Adiga 2023. Application of R software for Microarray data analysis of pediatric versus adult Cornea. Journal of Livestock Science 14:78-85 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.78-85

Issue – II

  1. S.K. Ayandiran, M.A. Adedokun, I. Adekunle 2023. Digestion and carcass quality of growing rabbits fed molasses improved sorghum brewers dried grain (MISBDG). Journal of Livestock Science 14: 86-90 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.86-90
  2. M.A.E. Inocencio, L. Purnamasari, S.G. Hwang, J.F. dela Cruz 2023. Effect of Vitamin A, C, and D on improving intramuscular fat in Hanwoo beef cattle – Review. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 91-103 doi.10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.91-103
  3. P. Kumar, A. Kumar, C.S. Azad, S.K. Sheetal 2023. Studies on different physical characteristics of mongrel dog semen. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 104-108 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.104-108
  4. M. Azalou, S.A. Assani, B.G.C. Assogba, Y. Idrissou, C.D. Alabi, J.A. Yabi, T.I. Alkoiret 2023. Dynamics of transhumant livestock systems in West African coastal countries: A review. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 109-121 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.109-121
  5. V.B. Dongre, V.N. Khandait, L.S. Kokate, M.M. Vaidya, G.R. Channa, S.A. Dhenge, A.D. Patil, G.M. Gadegaokar, S.B. Kale 2023. Application of mathematical equations to describe lactation curves in buffaloes. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 122-128 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.122-128
  6. A.Q. Al-Momani, M.T. Idell, A.N. Al-Yacoub, K. Al-Najjar 2023. Physicochemical characteristics of Syrian Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) milk. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 129-134 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.129-134
  7. P. Das, M. Saikia, D. Neog 2023. Effect of climate change on Eri and Muga cultivation and the resultant impact on rural income and employment in Assam. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 135-147 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.135-147
  8. A. Usha, M. Sriprajna, R. Sudindra, D.T. Menambath 2023. Netrin-1 and Insulin Resistance as markers in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 148-154 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.148-154
  9. G. Bonifácio and Â. Martins 2023. Effect of crossbreeding on the milk, fat and protein yields of Brown Swiss x Holstein hybrids- A meta-analysis. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 155-162 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.152-162
  10. M. Sakthi Priya, A. Jagadeeswaran, A. Natarajan 2023. Detection of Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) in the common ingredients of poultry and broiler feed under different seasons. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 163-168 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.163-168

Issue – III

  1. Yu. ?. Smirnova, ?. V. Platonov, G. Yu. Laptev 2023.. Effect of probiotic supplement on biochemical status and calves’ body weight. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 169-173 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.169-173
  2. J. Macías-Muñoz, J.A. Rentería-Muñoz, F. Villaseñor-González, M.A. Espinosa-Martínez, E. Estrada-Cortés, L.J. Montiel-Olguín 2023. Factors affecting first service conception rate in Holstein cows synchronized with double-ovsynch. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 174-181
    doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.174-181
  3. M. Saikia, P. Das 2023. Fishing culture in Assam: an overview of trend and scope. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 182-189 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.182-189
  4. A. Kumar, J.K. Prasad 2023. Upshot of washing of Prepuce on bacterial load of semen and its consequences on semen quality in Sahiwal bulls. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 190-197 doi. 10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.190-197
  5. M.K. Babu, K. Anusha, P. Dhriti, Vinay B. 2023. The mediating effect of price on the relationship between brand image and customer satisfaction towards dairy products. Journal of Livestock Science 14: 198-203 doi.10.33259/JLivestSci.2023.198-203