ISSN No. (online) 2277-6214

Volume – II (2011)

  1. H. Bao, R. Wei, C. Ming and R. Wang. Residues of cyromazine and its metabolite melamine in eggs of laying hens following consumption of cyromazine contaminated feed. 2:(1-10, 132kb)
  2. A.Raziq, A. M. Tareen and K. de Verdier. RCharacterization and significance of Raigi camel, a livestock breed of the Pashtoon pastoral people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. (11-19, 235kb)
  3. Purohit G.N. Intra-partum conditions and their management in mare(20-37,197kb)
  4. M. Sreeparvathy, C. Harish and K.S. Anuraj. Autogenous vaccination as a treatment method for bovine papillomatosis (38-40,55kb)